Bait Bus Video Tricking The Country Boy

Last Updated: February 8th, 2017
Another fresh week and time for you to see one special and hot bait bus fuck session today with some incredible scenes. The special surprise was of course that this scene is a video actually and you can see everything go down in live motion video. And as you can tell, in this scene we have a back stud getting to be tricked. And also as you know, this place is the best place to go to and check out all new and all fresh gay fuck sessions every week. And today’s one is quite juicy. Anyway, as we mentioned, this baitbus scene has this black hunk getting tricked and you are about to see just how it all happened in his hot scene today.

At first he got presented with this beautiful babe that gets to show off her big round tits to him, and that of course gets him all excited too. So he puts on the blindfold and if he’s a good little guy he’s going to keep it on and have the babe ride his black meat later as well. Well he takes it of to see a guy sucking his dick thirstily and is shocked. Well, it takes some convincing, but sure enough he lets himself go with the flow and you can see his big black cock plowing the white dude’s nice and tight ass today. See them fucking hard and enjoy it and do take your time to check out some of the previous scenes as well for some more amazing stuff!

Check out this black guy getting tricked and fucked!

Bait Bus Want Dick

Hey there guys and gals. Welcome back to all new and hot bait bus scenes with hot guys fucking as per usual. We have another fresh muscled stud that gets to show off just how good he is at taking it in the ass from this fresh straight guy turned gay for today’s scene. You get to enjoy the classy ass fucking that you can always get to see around this place and the guys just had a ton of gun with one another for the whole scene. So take your time to watch as the baitbus goes around once more and you just need to sit back and relax as you watch these hot studs plowing each other nice and deep in the ass today.


As you know, in the past, you’ve gotten to see the straight guys ending up receiving the fucking too and this happens today as well. He does get to fuck the gay dude himself in the ass as well, but since they’re here he might as well try it out himself. So watch as he soon switches places with the guy and gets to hake his huge meat balls deep in his fine ass today. We’ll see you all again next week with a brand new update, so until then watch this one completely. Also, next time we’ll have a special scene for you, so you know that there’s going to be some great stuff revealed. Make sure you come and visit and enjoy the view in this one!

Enjoy this hot straight guy getting his ass fucked!

Tricked and Fucked

Well hello there and welcome back as always. We know what you want to see here, and bait bus has you covered as always. We bring you a juicy and hot scene with a pair of hot guys that get to have some juicy fun with one another and you get to enjoy the sight of it all only here. So let’s get around to check out this new and hot scene today with all new and all fresh guys getting wild with one another and one of them got a tad tricked in this baitbus scene right here, so let’s just get it rolling and see what’s going down in this one as we bet that you’re all eager to see the whole action go down without any more delays here too.

Well as always, the car gets to cruise down the road and  the guys get to have their fun while that’s happening as well. Take your time to watch as they get to do their naughty and sensual cock sucking on one another to start off, and then you get treated to some truly delicious and hot scenes of them taking some sweet turns to fuck each other nice and deep in the ass as well. It makes for some great scenes this afternoon and we’re sure you will agree. So take your time to see the two fuck each other hard style and we’ll bring you even more new and hot scenes to check out in the future. Bye bye for now and have fun as always!


Watch this straight guy getting fucked for the first time!

Bait Bus Stroke Better

It’s time to see some more action go down inside the bait bus today and naturally you get to see it all only here without delay. Let’s check out this new and hot scene with a amazing stud that gets to experience his first gay fuck today and he for a change does not get to be on the receiving end. Well maybe on the receiving end of pleasure but anyway. In his scene, the guy that gets to play with him inside this jolly baitbus is going to be offering one incredible cock treatment session for him for the whole duration of the scene and you get to enjoy it all only here. So let’s get the show rolling to see this stud enjoy himself shall we.


As the cameras roll, you get to see the two guys getting to have a go at it and they begin with this guy laying on his back and eagerly waiting for the other dude to start playing with his dick. See the said dude lube up those masterful hands and then you can watch him starting to work the meat pole nice and hard. Just take your time to see this fresh guy moaning in pleasure as he gets his cock stroked all afternoon long and you can also check him out getting to blow his load before it’s over as well. It makes for some great entertainment and we bet you’ll adore the whole thing too. See you next week with another new scene!

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Str8 Gay

Well, bait bus is here for you once more with all new and all fresh scenes to check out just like always. And just like always, we have some juicy shows to put on for you as you get to check out some hot studs getting to throw down in another amazing gay fuck session. There’s another straight guy in this one that gets to have his first taste of cock in the ass and what do you know, he really adored it too. Well, all the guys here at baitbus enjoy taking it one way or another and this stud here was no different. So let’s watch this guy we paired him with stretch out that nice and tight ass of his wide open as they get to fuck hard this afternoon.

As the show gets to roll, the guys get to enjoy their little fun with one another by starting to kiss and undress and since it was decided that the straight guy would be taking it in the ass, you get to see him putting his mouth to the test too as he sucks off the other guy in order to make sure that he gets that cock all nice and hard for his ass. Then as he spreads his long legs you get to watch him moan in pleasure as that dick plows him balls deep in his mighty fine ass today. So take your time with it to enjoy the whole view and we’ll be back again next week with another new and fresh scene for you. See you all then and have fun!


Enjoy watching this straight guy getting his ass pounded!

Bait Bus Mr International

Another fresh week and time to take a look at this new and juicy bait bus scene that we have for you here. As you know, we always prepare the best gay fuck scenes that go down in the travelling sex bus and you always get to see some truly incredible and hot scenes with hot studs fucking one another nice and hard without fail. And today we bring you an older stud that’s well travelled around the world. Today he gets to widen this other stud’s ass for their time together and this is one juicy baitbus scene that you guys and gals won’t want to miss for sure. So let’s get the show on the road to see this horny pair fucking hard style!


The guy on the recieving end never got something in his ass that was this big so he was eager to try it out. And of course, mister International here was more than happy to help him out with that along side his fat cock. So watch them kissing, caressing and undressing one another as they take their time to get ready for the fucking session that’s about to go down. After that foreplay, you get to watch as the horny guy gets to spread those legs wide and take that meat pole balls deep in his ass as he’s moaning, missionary style today. It’s a superb scene that you shouldn’t miss and we’ll bring you some more to see next week too! Bye bye!

Watch this straight guy getting fucked for the first time!

In The Ass

This week bait bus is here once more with another lovely scene and another gay fuck session. The can of sexual adventures was on the road again and naturally, it got to collect some more amazing guys that will get to have fun with one another on camera inside it while the car drives around everywhere. And we’re sure that some of the other cars got some nice views of these studs getting to plow one another too. Anyway, let’s get this new and sizzling hot baitbus scene started and let’s watch a brand new and hot adventure with these guys. You’ll positively adore their hot fuck scene on camera here for today!

Well as it starts off, the van already picked up one of the guys, and soon after it got to pick up the other. Trick is that the first one is going to be plowing the second one in the ass today without him knowing that at first. So as the car drives on, see the guys getting more and more kinky with one another. And like we promise, you get to watch the new guy getting to bend over soon and get his sexy ass penetrated by a nice and big cock today. We hope you’ll have fun with the whole thing today and rest assured that we’ll have even more for you to see next week too. All you have to do is come by and check out the action as usual!


See this guy getting his ass fucked for the first time!

Bait Bus Gay Zen State

Today’s brand new and freshly out bait bus scene has even more amazing and hot galleries for you to check out and enjoy without delay. You know what we’re all about and just in case you’re new here, in the scenes here, you usually get to watch a straight guy getting tricked into some sort of gay encounter every single week. Well we have quite the juicy scene to expose to you today as you will be getting to see this hot muscled gay guy getting to have a nice ride on top if this random stud that the bus picked up today. And yes, you get to watch them have their baitbus fun session for this whole afternoon here today!


You can bet that by the end of this, the random guy learned to enjoy it as the stud’s tight ass got to work that nice and thick cock of his hard style for the afternoon. So watch as the show begins with the muscled guy giving one amazing oral session, sucking that cock to make sure it’s diamond hard for his eager ass first and foremost. Then he gets around to take his spot on top and gets to take the other guy’s dick in his ass. See him riding the fat cock with his ass cowboy style today and have fun with it. We’ll bring you some more all new scenes next week so make sure that you all stay tuned to check them out without fail everyone!

Watch here this straight guy getting fucked in a van!

Deep Dicking

Hey there again everyone. Welcome back as usual to some more new and hot bait bus updates here. So, we know that you have grown to love these kinds of scenes where you get to see studs playing kinky and rest assured that you’ll be getting to see many many more of them in some sensual and sexy action as well. Have a look at this fresh and hot scene and see this amazing pair as they get to take their time to play inside the baitbus for the whole afternoon. The trick this time is that this guy declared himself as bi and he always wanted to try anal. So here he was, getting the surprise of having a nice anal fuck for today’s scene!

As the cameras begin to roll, you can see that these two were all ready to start their fun without delay at all. So take your time to see the blonde guy that gets to be on the receiving end getting his ass prepped by this other guy here. Then he eventually gets to slide that cock nice and deep in his ass and ride it hard. So watch him enjoying himself as he moans in pleasure while bouncing up and down the man meat and have fun with this glorious scene. We’re sure that this guy will be featured in more scenes in the future too if you keep an eye out. Meanwhile, enjoy his scene today and come back next week for more new content here!


See this straight guy getting tricked and fucked!

Bait Bus Cali Boy

Hey there guys, and welcome back to more bait bus scenes here today. Well last wee we got through with the introductions, so this week it’s time to see some great and juicy scenes with some hot studs having some amazing fun for your viewing pleasure and we’re here today with some more scenes like that to show off to you all. And this time we have the superb stud Cali getting himself some special treatment as well from another guy, but of course, he doesn’t realize that until later. So let’s just sit back and watch him have some sweet fun with the whole thing as he gets to show off just how he likes to moan when he’s getting some special treatment shall we?

We can guarantee this is a baitbus scene to remember! And that’s putting it mildly. So take your time to see him don the blindfold and then take your time to watch him undress to put on display his truly amazing and incredible body too. And as he lays on his back, this blonde stud starts to work his man meat with his lips. Watch as Cali moans while getting that hard cock sucked nice and slow and you can tell that the guy is enjoying himself quite a lot too. So do enjoy watching this fresh oral scene go down in the bus again and come back next week for another new and juicy scene too. We’ll be waiting for you all right here!


Watch this Cali guy getting his dick sucked by a gay dude!